Not your ideal type of girl

She ain’t your ideal type of girl.

She doesn’t wear mini skirt to impress men. She doesn’t act poise in front of your friends. She doesn’t have curved body. She has pimples and scars on her face. She is an uncut diamond, not polished and with all the flaws. Not your ideal type of girl.


First Love

It was PE. (physical education)I was sitting alone in the lonely gallery all by myself. That is when, my eyes met his at the end of court. He made his way through the players and stood there, right there in front of me. I had never seen such dark eyes with so much light in them. Finally, with a huge sigh he asked, ‘can I walk you home?’


Was it June!? No it was July, cuz it wasn’t raining but pouring. The stinky bus ride with closed shutter, wet shoes and dripping umbrella’s ain’t that pretty scene. The soaking, dripping walk home could only get better with a hot relaxing bath and a cup of hot coffee.

But, some days could get even better with some people’s mere existence.


When I first told her ‘HI’ in 2008, I didn’t know that it would be this hard to bid her ‘BYE’. She had become a part of me through the years. We kept contact even when I was studying away and now when she is studying away… far away. I’ll keep contact.

Because Girl! I would want to see you in the future with your handsome soul mate walking down the aisle. I would want to see your cute little popping babies. I would want to see you.

Caz girl, I’ll never be bored of annoying you!

Match made in heaven

Sneaking out… hitting the road… Patientless rides… There I reach…Finally…. Where I always want to be, there, right there in front of my love, the love of my life. The moment of pure joy. I would literally do anything for this moment. I leaped forward and took a bite_ piri piri French fries tasted as good as it always did. It was all I had been wanting forever. My match made in heaven.

Somewhere only I know

The rain drops washed away my mascara as I was walking. I realised that, it was just drizzling few minutes back but now, I was there drenched in the rain. I could feel the tear drop running down my cheeks warming my chin as it fell. I could not recall anything what had happened. I was oblivious of everything around. I could feel my heart pumping harder and louder than usual. It felt like someone was trying to choke me tightening my heart. My heart felt heavier and my step grew weaker. I couldn’t walk anymore, I knew that my heart didn’t belong to me anymore but was wandering somewhere… Somewhere only I know.


The chalk powder flew around in the air as the teacher scribbled her subject on the board. Students looked upon her as if she was an alien not knowing what to do.

But everything seemed peaceful for her__Meryl__ she sat at the last bench, laying down on the desk unaware of everything around. Her hair was neatly pulled into a pony. Her fringes were neatly pinned up with tic tacs. She held on to her bag, squeezing it like a Teddy bear. Her face was at the sign of peace, rest. Now ma’am started asking questions and students looked at each other in hope of answers. But nothing in the world ever really mattered to her, after all she is MERYL .

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